School :)


Classes, homework, zoom oh my! Let’s talk school. My time abroad is coming to a close at a rapidly approaching pace (end of this week AHHH!) and looking back at my blog so far I realized that I have barely talked about my classes. I promise I am going to them.

I am taking four different classes. My core course is sustainable food systems and then three elective courses: Travel Writing, European Storytelling: From Homer to Harry Potter and Activism: Engagement and Resistance. Each class meets two times a week, either Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday for an hour and 45 minutes. Normally these classes would take place in the DIS classrooms down in the inner city of Copenhagen but due to current Danish regulations all of my classes have been on zoom this term.

A scavenger hunt stop to explore Copenhagen as a sustainable city. Public outside gym equipment!

The difference between my core course and the electives lies primarily in the study tour that happens at the end of the term. This a week dedicated to that specific class where you go on a trip with your class and professor around Denmark and Europe. Of course this term DIS was severely limited by the regulations in place by the Danish government so our study tours took place in Copenhagen. As part of the study tour for sustainable foods we talked to various business owners and farmers who have stake in Danish food systems. Our professor also assigned us a scavenger hunt to complete around the city to get us out and about, which was very fun. My favorite part was the cooking. We were split into small groups and each given organic and locally sourced grocery items to cook dinner 3 times over the course of the week.

Cooking dinner for my study tour

In terms of work outside of classes it has been relatively light. Most of my classes will have short readings to complete before hand and my travel writing class will often have short writing assignments based on field studies. All of my classes have larger essays and projects scattered throughout, however, most of them, at least for me, are due at the end of the term.

My final project for my activism class focusing on mental health in youth during the pandemic.

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