Weekend Escapade: Aarhus

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For this week’s escapade I present to you Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark. After having spent the last month plus in Copenhagen I was ready to get out of the city and explore more of Denmark. So, my roommate and I, along with three other friends decided to take advantage of our online school and decided to take a bus to Aarhus for a couple days.

quick little covid precaution explanation: All five of us are in the same small pod and the other three live together. One person in each of the two groups also got tested in the days prior to our departure.


Bus ride woooho

There are a couple different ways to get to Aarhus. There is a direct train connection that takes three hours I believe but can be a little pricey. We opted for a bus service called Flixbus which has sells cheap tickets to various cities within Denmark and greater Europe. Round trip tickets were around $30. The website was a little glitchy and we had some trouble purchasing the tickets but it worked out in the end. The actual bus trip itself was super easy. We got on at 5pm and arrived in Aarhus around 9pm (making it longer than the train option).


The first thing that I did after deciding we wanted to go was start looking at AirBnB’s in the Aarhus area. Since we were a group of 5 renting an Airbnb was the cheapest and easiest way to find someplace to sleep. Also taking into consideration COVID, it makes a lot of sense to be staying in a space that limits our interactions with other people. I was able to find an apartment that was about a 15 minute bus ride away from the center of the city, which ended up being a little far but it worked out well enough. The place we stayed was adorable and most importantly for us it had strong enough wifi for all five of us to be on zoom calls at the same time.


Aarhus is well known for its museums, 4/5 of TripAdvisors top things to do in Aaruhus are all various museums. Unfortunately I can’t speak to the quality of the art and exhibitions within the museums as they were all closed…however, we did find a lot of very cool places to explore.

Important little tip: In Copenhagen public transport is organized by DSB and you can easily buy tickets via their app. However in Aarhus to buy bus and train tickets you need another app- Midtrafik. I struggled to figure this out initally but once you have the app it is super easy to get around.

  1. Marselisborg Strand and Deer Park

This was our first stop in Aarhus. We took the bus from our airbnb to Marselisborg Strand and we walked along the beach, taking in the frozen shore and expanse of ocean. From the beach we were able to walk into the Deer Park. The park is full of several different species of deer. You may have read my post about Dyrehavn, a large deer park north of Copenhagen and in comparison this park is much smaller but as a result the deer were a lot easier to find. They came right up to us looking for food, which unfortunately we didn’t have.

2. Wandering around the Latin Quarter

My favorite part of this trip was wandering around the Latin Quarter. It is the historic area, with small cobble stone streets, cute cafes and leaning old houses. One of my friends roommate recommended the cafe called La Cabra. It was very popular, with a long line of eager people waiting outside. The cardamon buns were incredible!

La Cabra Coffee

3. Aarhus Cathedral

A key feature of Aarhus is the large cathedral in the center of the historical quarter of the city. The Cathedral is the longest and tallest church in Denmark and built initially in the 12th century. The frescos and metal work inside was very interesting and unlike other art I have seen in other European churches.

4. Den Gamle By

Den Gamle By is an open air museum detailing Danish history and culture over three centuries. It has reconstructed houses and buildings from all over Denmark. Normally there are actors and museum employees dressed up and doing various historical activities, these components of the museum were closed when we were there however, the area was open to walk through.

More info: https://www.dengamleby.dk/en/den-gamle-by/

5. The Harbor

The Harbor

Before hopping back on the bus we took a break in the sun on the steps by the harbor. There is a cool dome cafe, unfortunately it looked like it was under construction and very much closed when I went to go find it but the are that it was in was very interesting.


This trip to Aarhus was cold but very fun and a great way to get out of Copenhagen for a little. We only stayed in the city for two nights and while this was the perfect amount of time for us I think if the museums were open I would have wanted more time to properly explore.

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