10 parks and outdoor spaces for a sunny afternoon…or any old day


Let’s talk nature. Copenhagen is a city filled with green spaces. I swear every time I go on a run or walk I end up on a path leading me through a new park. It’s definitely one of my favorite parts about the city. This post is a round up of some of my favorite spots that I have discovered so far, ranging from urban city parks to nature reserves just outside of the city.

All of the places I mention are on this map and can be found on Google Maps.

  1. Frederiksberg Have

Frederiksberg Have is a large park located in the Frederiksberg neighborhood of Copenhagen. I go to this park most frequently as it is located very close to the kollegium I am living in this winter. There are lovely paths that weave through trees and grassy open spaces. A very fun feature of this park is that it is runs right up to the Copenhagen zoo so on some days you can catch a glimpse of the zoo elephants (apparently… I have yet to time it right so I can’t confirm this myself but my friends assure me that this is true). Besides the mysterious elephants the main focal point of this park is Frederiksberg Slot. The impressive yellow castle sits on top of one of the few hills in Copenhagen and looks down on the rest of the park. The building is still in use by the Danish Army for officer training but I believe under normal circumstances you can take tours of the building.

Frederiksberg Park from the top of the hill
Frederiksberg Slot

2. Søndermarken

Located just across the road from Frederiksberg Have it took me until very recently to realize that the two parks were just that – two separate parks. Søndermarken is slightly smaller and feels to me at least a little more wild. Ok so wild is a strong word it is still very much a city park but there are parts to the park that have thick trees with paths winding up and down little hills. I really enjoying running around the perimeter of the park before going over to Frederiksberg Have.

Søndermarken as the sun sets

3. Damhussøen – Lake

I accidentally came across this lake on a run a couple weeks ago. I had followed a green pathway parallel to the S train tracks when all of a sudden there was a lake. There is a great walking and biking path that goes around it. At the northern end there is a meadow/green space where there seemed to be lots of families walking their dogs.

A beautiful evening walk around the frozen lake.
View of the lake as the sun sets

4. Sydhavenstippen

This park is awesome. It is home to a herd of sheep and a couple of alpacas that just wander around for you to find. I came here for the first time with a couple of friends to go on a short run but mainly because I wanted to find these sheep, both of which were accomplished. It is located on the channel running between the main Copenhagen island and Amager so you can walk along the water. There a couple main paths that lead you around the park but there are also a lot of little trails (probably made by the sheep) you can explore.

A sunny afternoon at Sydhavenstippen. Land on the left is Amager


5. Valbyparken

Valby is connected to Sydhavenstippen via a walking/biking path. The park is quite large with gorgeous views of the water, big green spaces, picnic tables and a disk golf course located in the inner part of the park. I have really enjoyed running and biking alongside the water as well as trying my hand at disc golf…something that I definitely have room for improvement in.

Disc Golf
A view of the water from the park

6. Stadsgraven – Christiania

This park/lake area is right next to Christiania so makes for a great addition to an exploration of that neighborhood. It’s another great pocket of nature right super close to the center of the city. Walking around the lake you get a glimpse into the fun, eclectic architecture that makes up the surrounding neighborhood.

View of the Church in Christiania (Church of our Savior)

7. Assisstens Cemetery

Despite being a cemetery, Assisstens is full of towering trees, hedges and weaving paths through gravestones. I wrote a blog post about my first visit there for my travel writing class, you can find it here. It is a space in the summer where people will come to relax in the sun, although the freezing temperatures and snow are currently stopping the sunbathers the paths are still full of families, walkers and runners enjoying the outdoors.

The main pathway in the Cemetery.

8. Superkilen Park + Nørrebroparken

Another area that I discovered on a run is the Superkilen Park or Red and Black squares located in Nørrebro. There is a narrow stretch of park that runs through the Nørrebro neighborhood where in the evenings there are always lots of people out for walks and children playing on the various playgrounds. One of the most interesting features of this area is the Superkilen Park, an urban park with art installations dedicated to embracing the diversity and tolerance that Nørrebro as a neighborhood is known for. It is a popular area for skateboarders and families alike.

Sunset at Superkilen Park.

9. Dyrehaven

The last park I talked about was urban and right in the middle of the city, this one is the opposite. Located a 20 minute train ride north of Copenhagen Dyrehaven is a large park with tons of trails and spaces to explore. It is a wonderful escape from the city for a breath of fresh tree filled air. Plus there is a very cool old royal hunting lodge, oh and did I mention the deer. It is full of deer. (Learn more about my experience going to Dyrehaven here)


10. Kongelunden – Amager Nature Park

Like Dyrehaven this is located a little ways outside of the city and offers a full escape into the woods. It is a large nature reserve on the island of Amager and encompasses both woodland and coastal wetlands. So far I have only biked through it, as part of a long bike ride my roommate and I undertook several weeks ago (read about it here), but I can’t wait to go back and explore more thoroughly. Regardless, I completely recommend adventuring out to this park for an afternoon outside in nature.

Biking through the woods in Amager Nature Park. 🙂

This is your sign to grab a friend to drag along, put on some shoes (both of those are completely optional) and head outside (not optional)! Enjoy!

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